The Beginning of IDPT

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In 2015, Dr. Alison Ankiewicz and Dr. Tamra Wroblesky joined forces and founded Inner Dynamics Physical Therapy. While Dr. Wroblesky finished her pelvic health studies under Dr. Ankiewicz, a tremendous bond was formed due to their mutual belief that their community deserved a pelvic health and orthopedic clinic providing unique one-on-one care.

Their compassion and excellent healthcare stems from their personal experiences.

Dr. Ankiewicz was drawn to the healthcare field after suffering from leukemia as a child. She has developed a strong rapport with many physicians, health care professionals, and her community over the past 20 years. She has shared her talent as a pelvic health therapist by providing great care to all of her clients. In addition, Dr. Ankiewicz continues to share her knowledge by providing lectures for medical doctors, universities, and the community.

Dr. Tamra Wroblesky's passion for pelvic health developed after suffering from her own pelvic pain issues. After going through two hip surgeries and a pelvic surgery, Dr. Wroblesky decided to change her career path and return to school for physical therapy. She has won numerous awards for her dedication to pelvic health, especially in the weightlifting and athletic community. She continues to be an advocate by delivering lectures and guiding students aspiring to become pelvic health therapists.

Through advocacy and networking, Tamra and Alison befriended Dr. Jamie Scomak of South Jersey who spent 8 years developing a successful hospital pelvic PT program. All three women communicated regularly about new research and realized the importance of collaboration to improve patient care in their community. They also connected through Jamie’s personal experiences with childhood bladder and bowel problems that followed her into adulthood, as well as her fertility struggles that led to her fierce passion for pelvic health.

An inaugural partnership was created with Dr. Scomak, leading the Toms River office to better serve the community located in southern Jersey. This expansion allows patients to have faster and more efficient access to care. Inner Dynamics Physical Therapy is now the largest pelvic physical therapy practice in New Jersey, with a team of seven specialized physical therapists who share the same passion to help those in pain.