Alison Ankiewicz, PT, DPT has been working with pelvic health clientele for well over 27 years. As a graduate of Boston University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Program, Dr. Ankiewicz focused on pelvic health and followed her dream to establish a pelvic health clinic for her community. Her clinical expertise has been well received and respected by clients, physicians, and healthcare professionals in her local community and nationally. Working in the health care industry was sparked by Dr. Ankiewicz surviving childhood leukemia. She was the recipient of the NJ State American Physical Therapy Association Women’s Health Award for her dedication to her field for NJ and her community. Most recently she has been appointed to the Board of Trustees for Mary’s Place by the Sea. Dr. Ankiewicz serves as the first medical professional to hold a position on this Board. She is proud to be part of this incredible non-profit organization which serves as a place for peace and serenity for women suffering from cancer at no cost.

Alison is an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association and the Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy. In addition to her membership, she has held the section’s NJ State chair and vice chair positions for 8 years. Dr. Ankiewicz was an adjunct professor for Columbia University for 10 years where she developed and instructed the Women’s Health Across the Lifespan Elective Course. She was also a guest lecturer for Rutger’s University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Programs. Due to her love of pelvic health, she has attended several educational courses in this specific realm of physical therapy. She continues to share her knowledge and clinical expertise in order to assist others by instructing national courses on the East Coast. Locally, Dr. Ankiewicz has offered and continues to offer workshops for the community and neighboring hospitals, as well as hosting doctor of physical therapy student affiliations with a focus on pelvic health in the office.

Dr. Ankiewicz works with men, women, and adolescents dealing with bladder and bowel issues, pelvic pain, and reproductive/infertility or sexual dysfunction. She works closely with rehabilitating sexual abuse clients as well. Her clinical skills and expertise enable her clients to lead a functional and comfortable lifestyle. She has done extensive research to support the efficacy of physical therapy for Mondor’s disease found in post breast cancer clients. In addition, she has been working with radiation oncologists to prevent vaginal stenosis with gynecological cancer survivors. She also has made great strides with using anorectal balloon sensory training for those with constipation, bowel urgency and rectal pain. Alison takes great pride in her research and has a tremendous motivation when working with patients due to her personal experience of being diagnosed with childhood Leukemia.

When she’s not treating patients, Alison is breeding Rhodesians Ridgebacks, being a show dog handler for her Champion Rhodesian Ridgebacks, or enjoying the sun and golf at our local Jersey Shore with her husband and children who are now both in college.

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