Kathryn received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Rutgers University, School of Health Professions in 2019, as well as, an award for clinical excellence. Prior to graduate school, she worked in physical therapy clinics throughout the country since 2013. During her graduate studies, she completed a residency with Inner Dynamics Physical Therapy and fell in love with the company. Dr. Tamra and Dr. Alison have created a company atmosphere that promotes mentorship and inter-professional collaboration. To this day, us clinicians have weekly meetings together to help solve patient’s cases. It is an institution that demonstrates excellent and ethical healthcare for both patients and providers.

Kathryn’s passion for physical therapy stemmed from watching her mother live with chronic pain and disability, due to degenerative hip disease and an autoimmune disorder. Kathryn learned how important quality healthcare is for patients and families who are at the frontier of our medical knowledge. She brings that compassion and drive to her patients.

Like all of her colleagues at Inner Dynamics, Kathryn is a nerd for learning. She is Herman & Wallace Level 1 Pelvic Floor certified, Blood Flow Restriction certified through the Owen’s Institute, Myofascial Cupping certified, Dry Needling certified through the American Institute of Manual Therapy, and she completed a course in pelvic floor dry needling. She is an active APTA member and spends much of her downtime reading research articles and textbooks. Clinically, she loves treating prolapse, incontinence, hypermobility spectrum disorders, perimenopause/menopausal symptoms, vaginismus, overactive bladder disorders, Parkinson’s Disease, and any orthopedic case.

When Kathryn is not treating patients, she and her wife are either working on their suburban “homestead”, birding, or camping.

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