What our Patients are Saying

After a C-section three years ago I lived in constant pain. For a year I went from doctor to doctor seeking answers and then I finally found Dr. Alison Ankiewicz. She helped me tremendously to feel better, she helped ease my pain completely and helped me strengthen. I then became pregnant again and she helped support me throughout the entire pregnancy to keep my body strong and out of pain. She is a fabulous physical therapist and I am so grateful to have found her!
— Tracey
I am beyond grateful for Inner Dynamics!!! I would be at a complete loss if It wasn’t for Dr. Jillian Hadfield and the office staff. They are extremely professional, knowledgeable, caring and overall just so helpful and pleasant!!!! Today I am 3 months post-op from a major excision surgery in NYC for stage 4 Endometriosis, adenomysis, which lead to needing a hysterectomy and appendectomy. I am now working on getting the PFD and IC under control. My recuperation would not be where it is now if it wasn’t for Inner Dynamics!!! They have provided me with so much relief and hope!!!
— CJ
For over a year, I have had after issues from Radiation for Stomach Lining Cancer which the doctors could not find the answer for (I am Cancer free). Been to Inner Dynamics since August 11th, once a weeks and the staff has been beyond friendly and great at what the do. My issues are subsiding finally and along with hands on at their location and exercises to do on my own, the pain is much less (and sometimes not an issue). Will continue with them as long as I can and I highly recommend them if you have any issues (male or female) due to pelvic issues, over working out, etc. Check out their website ... it will be a Win/Win for you!
— Jack
I have been seeing Dr. Jess for a few weeks now and I already feel the best I have felt in a LONG time. I starting going to PT for a few issues but my biggest one was an overactive bladder. My next option was a BIG surgury with lots of possible complications. I honestly didn’t think I would ever feel “normal “ again I went into a bit of a depression. After just a few weeks of PT I really am feeling like my old self again!! I will forever be grateful. Don’t hesitate just go and get better !!!
— Corinne
I started therapy at Inner Dynamics prior to my total knee replacement surgery 6 weeks ago. I have worked with 3 different therapists to this point and can not say enough about the personal one-on-one care they have given me. My knee is progressing nicely and my surgeon is very happy with my flexibility only 6 weeks after surgery. My progress is due to these very talented therapists. I would recommend Inner Dynamics for any type of joint replacement rehab or orthopedic problems.
— Rocco
Let me just start out by saying...OMG!! The past 18 months have been spent in agonizing pain, drastically affecting my quality of life. At 55 I’m not quite ready to sit in the house day after day because it’s too painful to walk. So, after spending over $8,000 in doctor bills with no relief; a friend of mine told me about Inner Dynamics. I have seen Jill 3 times and was just able to walk the Raritan Expo Center with NO pain! It may not seem like a lot but believe me, it is!! Thanks so much to Jill and Inner Dynamics for finally helping me to feel myself again! xoxo
— Pam
After my having my pelvic floor / hip issue misdiagnosed for a few years, it was phenomenal relief to finally find Inner Dynamics who specialize in this area. Thank you Dr. Tamra Wroblesky for your dedication and expertise and for finally addressing the root cause of my pain!
— Jonathan
I do not know where I would be today if it was not for this practice. The help they have provided to me after numerous years of pain and from one doctor to another and multiple surgeries, I am so glad that I have Tamra as my physical therapist. Her knowledge and compassion for the conditions I have is just what I needed and I have been feeling so much better since I started my treatment...wish I found them years ago. I highly recommend the therapists and the friendly staff.
— Dorlisa
Inner Dynamics is the best! They are all talented therapists who will give you the best that they can offer every visit. They are knowledgable and well versed in pelvic rehab and will work with you to reach your goals. Highly recommend them!
— Pat
Very happy and satisfied with my experience. It has made my daily life more manageable and enjoyable. Office staff are courteous and efficient, and Dr. Jessica Golden shows concern for patient progress and care.
— Donna
I was referred to Inner Dynamics by another physician after living with pain and pelvic issues for years. I thought this was just something I was going to have to learn to live with. Wrong! I made an appointment with Dr. Jessica Golden and immediately began seeing a difference. This therapy has been life changing!
— J.B.
After my having my pelvic floor / hip issue misdiagnosed for a few years, it was phenomenal relief to finally find Inner Dynamics who specialize in this area. Thank you Dr. Tamra Wroblesky for your dedication and expertise and for finally addressing the root cause of my pain
— Christina
If you have pelvic pain, there is help! After four years of experiencing this horrible condition, I found myself at Inner Dynamics...crying. I could not sit, drive, stand for prolonged amounts of time, go out to eat with friends, visit family. The list goes on, and I tearfully explained this to a caring, empathetic, and effective Dr. Jessica Golden. The hysterectomy I had had in 2014 was the start of a series of painful and completely debilitating issues. In one month, I felt better than any doctor had made me feel, and I had been to MANY...even Robert Wood Johnson gave up saying they could not help me because they just didn’t know what was wrong with me. If you are in my shoes, at the very least, get yourself the book Pelvic Pain Explained - Prendergast/Rummer. You will learn that you are NOT ALONE! Then get over to Inner Dynamics, and take your life back! Eternally grateful.
— D. G.
I found my way to Dr. Alison Ankiewicz through two very talented and trusted fellow physical therapists. Neither hesitated to send me her way as I was seeking help for my unusual circumstances. I developed a post surgery complication called Mondors Veins. They were very painful and unsightly. I am in the fitness industry, so the condition was disruptive to my life and my profession. I had also finished a series of radiation treatments, which further added to the issue.
Dr. Alison’s demeanor immediately won me over. Her patience and understanding were such a comfort. I felt so vulnerable after all I’d been through and her expertise and confidence calmed my fears.
Staying active during my treatments and recovery was very important to me. Dr. Alison encouraged me and discovered imbalances I was unaware of. She put together a very comprehensive plan for me that supported all my goals and needs.
I’m very happy to report my recovery has been exemplary! Thank you for sharing your gifts and passion for your field with myself and other patients - we are very fortunate!!
— Erin
I can happily say that my experience at Inner Dynamics Physical Therapy has been more than I could have hoped for. I no longer have that terrible uncomfortable feeling that I have had for months before going to you. Anyone experiencing any pelvic floor problems would be doing themselves a favor and like me, won’t be sorry for contacting Inner Dynamics PT. The people and atmosphere are just lovely.
— Ilene
If anyone is having or diagnosed with pelvic pain I highly recommend Nicole at Inner Dynamics Physcial Therapy in Toms River. She is the best, she is gentle and caring and genuinely concerned about your pain. When I first went Inner Dynamics I could hardly walk without pain, I couldn’t do all the usual activities that I once did. But after a few months I am able to walk without pain and I am back to my normal routines. I am one happy camper! All doctors should recommend Inner Dynamics Physcial Therapy to their patients who are having back, sciatic or groin pain!
— Ginger
I’ve been to many doctors trying to diagnose some health issues following a pregnancy. It was a long and frustrating year and I finally got some answers and relief when my OB recommended I visit Inner Dynamics PT. I can’t say enough about how great IDPT is... obviously from the standpoint that I can see improvement each week, but also because Alison and Jill are so wonderful, friendly and competent.
— Lauren
As a Cancer Savior of 31 years I have been in and out of Hospitals and have had 20 abdominal surgeries. The pain from scar tissue alone has changed my life and taken away most of normal life style. I was referred to Inner Dynamics Physical Therapy and Dr. Jamie M. Scomak has given me hope of getting my life back on track. The first changes I saw within the second visit was my normal visits to the bathroom went from 8 or 10 a day to 2 or 3. My abdominal pain is gone and I am eating three meals a day again without any problems. My family saw a big difference at Thanksgiving for the first time in years I was able to enjoy the day without having to leave early do to my discomfort of eating a full meal. You will be greeted by a caring staff who make you feel like you are important and not just another patient. I can say if you have issues from medication, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery like I had, I would recommend you check out what INNER DYNAMICS PHYSICAL THERAPY can do for you. I am getting my life back..... Thank You Dr. Jamie
— Irene