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Inner Wellness For Outer Well-Being

We specialize in pelvic and women’s health with an orthopedic and hands-on focus. We go beyond traditional physical therapy, providing one-on-one care in a nurturing, warm environment. Our facility provides a welcoming atmosphere with multiple private treatment rooms and a spacious gym.

Body Language

What is your body telling you? The doctors at IDPT have specialized training in pelvic health, meaning they can help treat many conditions relating to pain in your abdomen, pelvic area, and hip, as well as many prenatal/post partum conditions. They also treat bladder dysfunction, constipation, as well as general orthopedic conditions.

Conditions We Treat

Your First Visit

On your first day at IDPT, you will have a one-on-one comprehensive evaluation with one of our therapists in a private room. This will determine muscular, tissue, nerve, and alignment dysfunction in order to develop your plan of care. We will provide treatment during the first visit and education to help you achieve your goals. Please print and fill out new patient forms to bring to your first visit.

New Patient Forms

Physical Therapy

Sessions with us may include massage, mobilizations, alignment correction, therapeutic exercises, and biofeedback depending on your needs. Your program and treatment plan will be modified as your symptoms change or as you progress towards your goals. We have a variety of private treatment rooms, as well as a gym facility to fit each patient's plan of care.


Your Last Visit

When you have achieved all your goals, you will be educated on your personal maintenance program. This will assist you in becoming independent with your health, and prevent future injury. You can also choose to transition to one of our Wellness programs, schedule a follow-up visit, or book an annual exam. You can also visit our Facebook page and stay up to date on new exercise ideas and blog articles posted by our therapists.


Personalized Treatment

Inner Dynamics offers unique care by partnering with our community and other healthcare professionals to create a healthier you. We are committed to help you regain a dynamic, pain-free lifestyle. Call us today at (732) 508-9926 and come explore the difference at Inner Dynamics Physical Therapy.


What Our Patients Say About Us

This year I began suffering from chronic pelvic pain and was unable to sit for any length of time. I was beginning to feel hopeless because I was finding it hard to find a doctor who even understood my problem. I feel very fortunate to have been referred to IDPT for physical therapy. They are sympathetic, personable, knowledgeable, and caring professionals. Their healing touch and personalized exercise plan has given me relief and I am happy to report that I am on the road to recovery.