By Dr. Kimberly Breslin PT

Many women experience pregnancy as an exciting and extraordinary journey. Along the way, many important physical and emotional changes occur in order to accommodate and support a growing baby.  In addition to the excitement that can accompany pregnancy, these changes and adaptations are frequently accompanied by various aches and pains, and sometimes, lasting injuries during postpartum years. Is this something that every pregnant woman must go through alone? Absolutely not! Pelvic health physical therapists are extensively trained in treating musculoskeletal impairments that may be the culprits behind common injuries associated with pregnancy. Some examples include: neck or back pain, pelvic girdle pain, hip or groin pain, and leg pain or numbness/tingling down the leg (hello sciatica!). Many women also experience urinary leaking and constipation during pregnancy, both of which can also be addressed in physical therapy. 

A recent study found that 56-72% of women experience either pregnancy-related low back pain or pelvic girdle pain.  Another study found that 18.5% of pregnant women reported urinary incontinence, and 29% continued to experience leaking postpartum. We are here to spread the word that physical therapy can help these women feel better during their pregnancy and even better, postpartum! 

Why do these difficulties happen during pregnancy? A major change in hormones takes place, which leads to increased flexibility in the joints and ligaments. This can lead to different types of stress and strain on your joints, which can create pain. As your posture changes, so does your center of gravity, affecting balance, coordination, and overall body mechanics. Your heart rate will increase by as much as 15 beats per minute, you will experience elevated cardiac output, which is the amount of blood that your heart will pump throughout your body. Not only are these changes important to keep in mind for the sake of injury-prevention during pregnancy, but they are also critical when determining safe and effective exercise options.

So, if you have any of the injuries mentioned above, or want guidance on getting stronger during pregnancy, call to schedule an appointment with a pelvic physical therapist at Inner Dynamics PT for one-on-one treatment. During your evaluation, your physical therapist will ask for a thorough history of your current symptoms, obtain medical and pregnancy-related history, and discuss your goals. A physical assessment will be performed in order to determine your strength, flexibility, coordination of your core muscles, and balance. You will then develop a customized plan of care together with your PT to address your needs. If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment, you can call our office at, 732-508-9926. Also, feel free to visit our website,, for more information on the various conditions that we treat.


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