“If you have pelvic pain, there is help! After four years of experiencing this horrible condition, I found myself at Inner Dynamics…crying. I could not sit, drive, stand for prolonged amounts of time, go out to eat with friends, visit family. The list goes on, and I tearfully explained this to a caring, empathetic, and effective Dr. Jessica Golden. The hysterectomy I had had in 2014 was the start of a series of painful and completely debilitating issues. In one month, I felt better than any doctor had made me feel, and I had been to MANY…even Robert Wood Johnson gave up saying they could not help me because they just didn’t know what was wrong with me. If you are in my shoes, at the very least, get yourself the book Pelvic Pain Explained – Prendergast/Rummer. You will learn that you are NOT ALONE! Then get over to Inner Dynamics, and take your life back! Eternally grateful.”

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