Gwen has been seeing Dr. Alison Ankiewicz over the past few years through her journey with Chrohn’s and Colitis. Here is her testimony:

“Gratitude and thanks to Dr. Penny Turtel from Shore Gastroenterology for your care all these many years. It is that rare Dr. that refers you to others for help. And so I thank you for recommending that I see Dr. Alison Ankiewicz of Inner Dynamics Physical Therapy some 8 years ago!

This practice is committed to helping patients that struggle with invisible illnesses that can be difficult to discuss. Motility, pelvic floor strengthening, incontinence, in both men and woman are just some of the very real tough issues she has made her life’s work.

Dr. Alison Ankiewicz is kind, compassionate and a force of strength that pushes the boundaries for her patients.

She has continued to care for me during the many hard and painful forms my journey with Crohn’s and Colitis has taken me.

She has supported me these last few years in countless ways including her generous donations towards the Crohns and Colitis Foundation Take Steps fundraiser at the Jersey Shore.

She is an amazing physical therapist. She is a role model for her children, her family and our society. I’m so very proud to know you and call you my friend.”

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