Meet Haydee and Theresa, our mother daughter duo. Theresa came to IDPT in a lot of pain and feeling hopeless after being to several doctors and getting no answers/relief. ⁠

“16 months ago, I entered Inner Dynamics with limited mobility and in a lot of pain from an old herniated disc injury and multiple pelvic / GYN surgeries. The pain was unbearable and left me unable to walk, sit or stand for any prolonged period of time. I was depressed and had lost all hope that I would ever have a normal life again. Because there were multiple issues, I didn’t know what was wrong. I had been bounced from one doctor to another, getting tested and still without any direction. This was my last hope.⁠

I met Dr. Melissa Waldron. She welcomed me in and immediately I felt there was a different approach. She listened to me, She heard me and upon her assessment promised me that things would get better.⁠

Our journey of healing both emotionally and physically began as a team. There were many challenges along the way and some still remain. Sometimes I still lose hope and cry out of frustration –– but Melissa is always there to listen and guide me. Taking little steps is hard because they seem to take longer than expected. Healing takes time. Pain management was also pivotal. ⁠

Today I am back to my “new” normal routine. I am able to sit, walk and stand without severe pain. I am moving again. It has been a complete 360 degree change in every aspect. Mentally reframing myself to be present and to be kind to myself –– accept where I am at now has been monumental. I feel very blessed and grateful for it all.⁠

As of recently my Mom has also started her healing journey at Inner Dynamics. Thanks to Melissa’s on-point assessment and guidance to address her pain, Mom is able to remain independent and is on her way to regain her mobility and resume some of her normal daily routines. She enjoys coming in to see Melissa.⁠

We appreciate Colleen and Sarah’s kindness at the front desk and for patiently rescheduling our appointments together with Melissa. It is a team effort.⁠
Mom and I look forward to continuing our healing journey at Inner Dynamics.”⁠

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