Kieran came to Inner Dynamics after Dr. Tamra gave a presentation at his Crossfit King’s Fitness. He wanted to address some chronic ankle, hip, and groin issues that were making him feel like an old man and not very mobile.

Kieran just competed at his third powerlifting competition and told Tamra that this is “the best I have ever felt in my body, especially mobility wise. I’m able to get into a deep squat, which I thought would be impossible.”

“Thanks to Inner Dynamics PT for getting me through all the tough training days and for getting me to the healthiest I’ve been hip and ankle wise! I’ve competed two new competition PRs on the squat (450) and the bench (325). Deadlift (450)”.

Now Kieran is gearing up for rugby season and will continue with IDPT to transition his body to a new sport.

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