“Tamra and the team at Inner Dynamics truly changed my life and outlook when it comes to prenatal and postpartum care.

I was first introduced to pelvic floor physical therapy when I had my first baby and separated my pubic bone (SPD). It was a long journey to recovery with doctors not understanding how to help. Because of the SPD complications I also developed Vulvodynia which doctors were quick to only prescribe medication to treat. I always try to approach my health in the most natural way possible. I have been a runner my whole life and also take care of my body in the gym with lifting and cycling. My world was crushed when I could no longer participate in these activities.

Knowing how helpful and important pelvic floor physical therapy was after my first pregnancy, I found Tamra and her team before I became pregnant for the second time. Throughout the pregnancy I experienced ups and downs with SPD and Vulvodynia pain and Tamra was with me every step of the way.

She was always confident in her approach, listened closely to my needs and always looked at it with a holistic approach. If there were weeks we needed to change up what we were doing Tamra immediately could pivot my treatment plan to help address any new needs.

I had the most amazing second birth story. And I credit that to all the work I did with Inner Dynamics. The doctors were blown away with my fully natural, unmedicated birth and my ability to control my pelvic floor and stay completely pain free from SPD. I cried the happiest tears when I was able to stand with my newborn baby, rock her and walk with her after delivery – something I could not do when I gave birth to my first.

Tamra’s help did not stop there. Once I had the baby Tamra helped me through postpartum care. Helping to give me resources and exercises to ease my body into recovery.

I continue to reach out and work with Tamra and her team. They are so knowledgeable, understanding and dynamic in their approach to your health. They help to address your concerns and make you feel comfortable with the uncomfortable (let’s face it, pelvic floor physical therapy is not so glamorous at first).”

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