Meet Our Team

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Alison Ankiewicz, PT, DPT has been working with pelvic health clientele for over 20 years. Her clinical expertise has been well received and respected by clients, physicians, and healthcare professionals in her local community as well as the tri-state area. 

Alison is an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association and Section of Women’s Health. In addition to her membership, she has held the section's NJ State chair and vice chair positions for 8 years. Dr. Ankiewicz was an adjunct professor for Columbia University for 10 years. She is now a guest lecturer for Rowan University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Programs. Due to her love of pelvic health, she has attended several educational courses in this specific realm of physical therapy. She continues to share her knowledge and clinical expertise in order to assist others by instructing national courses on the East Coast. Locally, Dr. Ankiewicz has offered and continues to offer workshops for the community and neighboring hospitals, as well as hosting doctor of physical therapy student affiliations with a focus on pelvic health in the office.

Dr. Ankiewicz works with men, women, and adolescents dealing with bladder and bowel issues, pelvic pain, and reproductive or sexual dysfunction. Her clinical skills and expertise enable her clients to lead a functional and comfortable lifestyle. More recently, she has been doing extensive research and working on case studies to support the efficacy of physical therapy for Mondor's disease found in post breast cancer clients. In addition, she has been working with radiation oncologists to prevent vaginal stenosis with gynecological cancer survivors. Alison takes great pride in her research and has a tremendous motivation when working with patients due to her personal experience of being diagnosed with childhood Leukemia. 

When she’s not treating patients, Alison is raising puppies, being a show dog handler for her Rhodesian Ridgebacks, or enjoying the sun at our local Jersey Shore with her husband and two teenagers.

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Tamra Wroblesky, PT, DPT is a graduate of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA. As a Monmouth county native, Tamra first played high school tennis at Freehold Borough and then became captain of The College of New Jersey's female tennis team, playing both singles and doubles.

Tamra is an avid mountaineer, summiting Mount Kilimanjaro, Pico de Orizaba, and Mount Rainier. She ran the Ocean Drive Marathon and frequents the gym for weightlifting. As a former collegiate athlete with an active lifestyle, Dr. Wroblesky has special interests in treating the female athlete, with an emphasis on preventative protocols to limit injury. She is a USAW certified Sport Performance Coach and works closely with several weightlifters, including Katie Montague who took home 6 gold medals when Tamra accompanied her to University Nationals in spring 2017. She also works closely with CrossFit boxes and USA Weightlifting to give her "Pelvic Health for Performance" lecture. Her “Supercharge your Pelvis” article can be found here on USA Weightlifting’s website. She is an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association, who awarded her the 2017 Emerging Leader award, as well as the Section of Women’s Health. She is also the 2016 recipient of the Girls Scouts of the Jersey Shore, "Phenomenal Woman under 40."

Dr. Wroblesky became interested in pelvic health physical therapy after her own medical obstacles dealing with severe pelvic and hip pain over six years. She has had several surgeries, including two hip labral tear repairs, allowing her to be mindful of the patient experience. Tamra is able to offer compassion and a unique perspective to her patients. Prior to moving her pelvic health advocacy to the treatment room, she shared her experiences recovering from pelvic pain on her award-winning health blog, “Sky-Circles.” She is also a contributor to the bestseller, “Pelvic Pain Explained”, available for purchase on Amazon.

When she’s not treating patients, Tamra is probably hiking up a mountain, reading a good book, or drinking specialty coffee.

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Jamie Scomak PT, DPT, CLT, PRPC is an Ocean County native whose passion for physical therapy began after a high school lacrosse ankle injury landed her in treatment. She sought Kean University's accelerated program with Rutgers University earning her BA in biology and doctorate of physical therapy. Dr. Scomak has an insatiable thirst for learning, attending over 30 continuing education courses. She is certified in lymphedema treatment and management from the Norton School and pelvic rehabilitation from the Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute.

Dr. Scomak immediately specialized in orthopedics and pelvic health physical therapy after an inspiring student clinical rotation in Gainesville, Florida. She returned home to the Jersey Shore to develop a successful local hospital outpatient program. After building this program for eight years, she is thrilled to start a new path by leading IDPT’s second office location in Toms River, in order to benefit the community located in southern Jersey. Dr. Scomak joins Inner Dynamics Physical Therapy, eager to be a part of, and continue to grow, a team of pelvic therapists to serve a population that often suffers silently and unnecessarily.

Jamie understands the frustration many patients have who believe they must suffer silently, due to her personal experience with childhood bladder and bowel problems that followed her into adulthood. In addition, she has grown a fierce passion for the prenatal, pregnant, and postpartum woman after her own fertility struggles. Dr. Scomak is a outspoken advocate for more research in physical therapy addressing the mechanical barriers to infertility.

When she’s not treating patients, Jamie is probably knitting, doing yoga, or dancing with her husband and little girl.

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Lisa Ricker, PT, DPT, is a long time resident of Monmouth county. After a 25-year career as an electrical and telecommunications engineer, manager, and director, she returned to Rutgers University to obtain her clinical doctorate in Physical Therapy. In addition to her DPT, Lisa also has a Masters of Engineering and a BS in Computer Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Lisa has a special interest in treating masters athletes due to her passion for CrossFit and USA Weightlifting. She is a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, a USAW certified Sports Performance Coach, and LWC referee. Her involvement with these organizations is what led her to a second career in Physical Therapy. As an athlete, Lisa has witnessed first-hand the impact the pelvic floor can have. Urinary stress incontinence is prevalent within the athlete population, especially among women. Understanding the sources of incontinence, methods of management, and improvement of pelvic floor health, led her to concentrate in pelvic floor and orthopedic physical therapy. She has participated in several classes and seminars on pelvic floor health, manual therapy, and orthopedics.

Lisa is an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association and the APTA sections on Women’s Health, Orthopedics, and Sports Physical Therapy. She has volunteered with Special Olympics and was significantly involved with the Super Storm Sandy recovery efforts, in order to bring our local Jersey Shore back to life.

When she’s not treating patients, Lisa is doing CrossFit, participating in weightlifting competitions, or spending time with her husband, children, and dog.

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Jessica Golden, PT, DPT graduated Rutgers University of New Brunswick, NJ with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Kinesiology and then continued her education at Rutgers University of Newark, NJ, earning her doctorate in physical therapy. During her undergraduate experience, she was trained as a Sexual Health Advocate for the Rutgers Public Health Department. She held programs educating students and local community groups on inner and outer pelvic anatomy, sexual health practices, sexual orientation, contraception usage, and sexually transmitted diseases. She was passionate about raising awareness of sensitive, yet important, topics that could be difficult to discuss, especially towards a college audience.

Dr. Golden became active in the NJ Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association by becoming the Treasurer of the student board during the first year of her doctorate program and then co-chair the following year. She continues to remain active in the American Physical Therapy Association by attending local meetings and national conferences. In addition, Jessica enjoys participating in educational outreach programs and community service events. She was a board member for the Community Participatory Physical Therapy Clinic at Rutgers University, helped benefit the Special Olympics of NJ at the NJ Snow Bowl at MetLife Stadium, and frequents 5K runs to support various charities.

Jessica had urinary urgency issues at a young age that required traveling to various medical doctors for tests and procedures in order to find answers. Looking back, she wishes she found a healthcare provider that would have prescribed physical therapy in order to learn how to control and alleviate her symptoms. Due to her past experiences, Dr. Golden has received further training in order to treat the pediatric population, in addition to adult female and male pelvic health clients. Dr. Golden looks forward to helping her patients across the age spectrum!  

When she’s not treating patients, Jessica enjoys trying new restaurants, walking her puppy, or spending time with her family.

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Nicole Freitas, PT, DPT grew up in Monmouth county and became an Ocean county resident within the last year. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Delaware, where she studied Exercise Physiology with a minor in Strength and Conditioning. She continued her education at Rutgers University to obtain her doctorate in physical therapy. Dr. Freitas is an active American Physical Therapy Association member. She has volunteered with the Special Olympics of NJ and the Make-A-Wish Foundation on many occasions and remains active in her community.

Dr. Freitas grew up a competitive gymnast, where her interest for physical therapy sparked after she experienced multiple injuries throughout her career. She always had a passion for working in the healthcare profession, however she did not know which path she wanted to pursue until she witnessed firsthand the impact a physical therapist had on her great grandmother’s health.

After being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 2012 and experiencing severe pelvic pain of her own, Nicole sought many alternative treatment approaches, including pelvic physical therapy. As a patient receiving pelvic rehabilitation, Nicole’s passion for treating individuals experiencing similar impairments to herself heightened and she decided to focus her studies on pelvic rehabilitation. Amongst the many orthopedic and pelvic diagnoses, Nicole also has an interest in specifically treating gastrointestinal and abdominal disorders. Her goal is to further educate the community regarding the importance of pelvic rehabilitation and to alleviate individuals’ fear that medical and surgical treatment is the only option to recovery. Dr. Freitas strives to provide exceptional care to her patients in order to improve their quality of life.

When she’s not treating patients, Nicole loves to spend time with her family and friends at our local beaches of the Jersey Shore.



Lesley Stewart, PT, DPT has over 30 years of experience in the field of physical therapy, where 20 of those years have been dedicated specifically to pelvic health physical therapy. Since 1999, Dr. Stewart has been treating patients suffering from pelvic floor disorders in the New Jersey and New York area.

Throughout her career, Dr. Stewart has remained actively involved in the physical therapy community by studying numerous special fields. She studied under Dr. Sarah Meeks, PT, in order to obtain her osteoporosis advanced training. In addition, Dr. Stewart has numerous certifications including LeDuc Lymphedema management, American Institute of Balance, and the LeBed Method of Healing through Movement and Dance. She remains an active member of the Arthritis Foundation, where she is a self program leader.

Dr. Stewart loves to support preconception, prenatal, perinatal, and postnatal women in their journey of developing a family.

When she’s not treating patients, Lesley is gardening, playing pickle ball, or spending time with her grandchildren at our local beaches of the Jersey Shore.


Kim Breslin, PT, DPT grew up in Bergen County, NJ and always knew she wanted to become a health care professional to help care for people and provide companionship, compassion, and motivation to those in need. She attended Northeastern University where she graduated from a dual program earning her bachelor’s degree in Rehab Sciences and doctorate in physical therapy. After working for two years in Boston treating in a busy outpatient orthopedic clinic, she identified the immense need for pelvic health specialists to help those silently suffering from symptoms like urinary incontinence, pelvic pain, and pain with sexual intercourse. Kim decided to take her first Women’s Health continuing education course and begin her own Women’s Health program at her clinic.

Deciding she wanted to devote her practice to better help this underserved population, she was accepted into 1 of 10 American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) accredited residency training programs in Jacksonville, Florida. During this year long intensive training program, Kim treated patients full time within this specialty population while also taking continuing education courses, giving case presentations, writing case reports, lecturing and being a TA for physical therapy students, and volunteering at a naval base helping those with pelvic floor dysfunctions and breast cancer.

Now a residency trained pelvic health physical therapist, Kim continues to be driven to help those who may feel alone, unheard, or scared and create an environment that is comfortable, non-judgmental, and encouraging. She remains active in the APTA and takes special interest in contributing to the research by writing case studies to demonstrate the benefit of pelvic floor physical therapy. Kim enjoys treating both women and men, and has a particular interest in treating pregnant and postpartum women.

When she’s not treating patients, Kim is spending time with her family and friends at the beach, or at a NASCAR race cheering on her boyfriend.

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Heather is the office manager at Inner Dynamics Physical Therapy. She is responsible for the smooth operations of our facility. She has been a member of our team since the very beginning of IDPT. She brings over 10 years of experience in health information technology and patient relations. Heather is here to answer any questions you have about your insurance coverage in order to help you get back to a full functioning lifestyle.

When she’s outside of the office, Heather likes to travel to tropical locations and spend time with her husband and two dachshunds.